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Within the last wild lands of North America dwells an animal that inspires respect and fear around the world. It is the grizzly bear, a living legend of the wilderness. Grizzlies can sprint thirty-five plus miles an hour, smell carrion at nine or more miles, and drag a thousand-pound animal up steep mountains. The grizzly bear is one of a very few remaining on earth that can kill a human in physical combat. It can decapitate with a single swipe, or grotesquely disfigure a person in rapid order. Within the last wilderness areas where they dwell, they are the undisputed king of all beasts, I know this all very well. My name is Timothy Treadwell, and I live with the wild grizzly.

The path that led me to the land of the grizzly was far more dangerous than the bears themselves. I was the third of five children, raised in New York State. My parents loved me and did the best they could, but I was a handful. I wasn't a criminal kid, just a bit mischievous, with the heart of a wild animal...

Read Timothy Treadwell's book "Among Grizzlies" to learn more.