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Help Out - Receive a Print Produced From an Original Timothy Treadwell Slide

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Donations can also be made by mail:
Grizzly People Inc.
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Grizzly People Inc., needs your help!
All donations are used to fund:

  • The fight to end poaching of grizzlies in Alaska and the Lower 48 States
  • Organization of materials for our educational campaign in North America
  • Development of educational multi-media presentations
  • Sharing of Grizzly People's photographs with other preservation organizations

Product and monetary donations are 100% tax deductible.

For a limited time, when you make a minimum $35 donation either online or by check, we'll send you your choice of one of these eight original Timothy Treadwell photos:

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Here's How it Works:

  1. Make a donation of $35 or more.
  2. Visit this page to choose your photo.

That's it. Photos will take 3-4 weeks to process and deliver.

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