To All Friends of Grizzly People

 "To All Friends of Grizzly People"

It's hard to believe that Tim's been gone since October 2003, but with a lot of effort, things are falling into place. Thanks to everyone who has stepped in to honor Timothy's life and work before and after his death, Grizzly People has become a unique voice for bears and wildlife throughout the world. With your help, Grizzly People has a future, and the chance to continue the work of Timothy Treadwell. 
For those of us who knew Tim, his work was magical, inspirational, and enlightening. This work can continue through Tim's legacy of film and slides, and though his unique ability to observe and document the lives of grizzly bears.

Harsh issues face the grizzly and it is vital to their survival to show them in a beautiful and positive light. Another immediate goal is to re-structure our website, so that it can be a place to view Timothy's intimate videos and photographs of bears as well as become a forum for all grizzly issues, especially bear poaching.

Timothy believed protecting grizzlies from poaching was an integral part of his mission. On several occasions poachers threatened him, but during his time in Katmai, no grizzly was known to have been killed. In August 2004, nearly a year after his death, five bears were poached in Katmai National Preserve. After his death, Timothy was criticized for claiming there were active poachers in Katmai. Alaskan conservationist and filmmaker Joel Bennett said, "The recent poaching of bears in Katmai National Park shows that Alaskans should never be complacent about the protection of their treasured wildlife resources. Tim Treadwell's vigilance may well have saved other bears from the same fate."  The good news is that in May 2006,  two men have been charged in federal court for poaching four of the bears, and two juveniles have been prosecuted for killing the fifth.

Grizzly Man, a Discovery Docs./Lion's Gate documentary film directed by Werner Herzog and produced by Erik Nelson premiered at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival. Leonardo DiCaprio's production company Appian Way has teamed up with Sony/Columbia Pictures to develop a film on Timothy Treadwell.

Grizzly People is a 501c3, Grizzly People Inc., complete with a Board of Directors. Louisa Willcox, Joel Bennett, Roland Dixon, Marnie Gaede, Louise Leakey and Jewel Palovak. Environment Now, a part of the Grizzly People family for many years, has been generous enough to house Grizzly People in Santa Monica, giving us a prominent spot in the environmental world. Organization of Timothy's materials for our new educational campaign and work to set up the next phase of Grizzly People takes time and money. We hope you will help.

Timothy Treadwell loved bears, foxes, and all things wild. He had a wonderful, positive vision for their preservation. Tim had a passion to share the beauty of wild animals, living wild lives in wild places. Many of you shared that vision and I am asking you to help Grizzly People continue with Tim's work.


Jewel Palovak
Grizzly People