Help Out

We need your immediate action to fight the U.S. Forest Service's plan to withdraw proposed protections for crucial grizzly bear habitat in the Cabinet-Yaak wildlands of northwestern Montana. This plan jeopardizes the future of North America's most endangered grizzly population.

Please go to and urge the Forest Service to help save the 20 or so grizzlies that survive in the Cabinet-Yaak wildlands, part of the Yellowstone/Greater Rockies BioGem, by restoring its plan to protect key habitat areas.

The lush valley bottom and rugged alpine slopes of this region provide a vital ecological link between endangered grizzlies in Yellowstone and more robust bear populations in Canada. This untouched stretch of the Kootenai National Forest also provides expansive ranges and rich food sources for wolves, bighorn sheep, elk and trout.

With proposals looming to expand mining, logging and roadbuilding in this region, it is more important than ever that the Forest Service abide by a congressional mandate requiring it to recommend appropriate lands for wilderness designation.

Go to and urge the Forest Service to help protect the last grizzlies of the Cabinet-Yaak and revise its Kootenai Forest management plan to include life-saving habitat protections.

Thank you for all your efforts to help save endangered grizzlies in the lower 48 states.